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The Year 2013

Before we dive in… Before we get to the year 2013 let’s just discuss getting there.  Now I am not a believer in prophecy.  Every now and then someone gets lucky and predicts something (or something similar) that indeed does happen sometime around the predicted time.  With that said I would like to say that many times people have predicted ... Read More »

Graffiti 2.0-3.0

Just amazing!  This video says it all really.  I had to share this on my site! Graffiti Analysis 2.0 (Digital Blackbook) – BLK River (Vienna) from Evan Roth on Vimeo. Read More »

A Snowy Paradise and a Coffee Face

A Snowy Paradise Coffee Face A couple images to tide you over… I figured I would share my latest two creations.  Neither took much time.  Just a couple fun images that I created in photoshop.  Once again for the coffee cup I used an image from Graphics Fuel. Graphics Fuel Link: Read More »

Wine Bottle Photoshop Design

1.  gooseface 2.  goosehead Where do I begin… Let me start with giving a shout out to Graphic Fuel for supplying me with the PSD document of the wine bottles.  In the first image, I stuck primarily with the images provided.  I did change up some of the gradients and in return glares on the bottles as well as the ... Read More »

Niche Marketing Ideas

Easy as… I have not done it professionally but I would imagine that niche marketing campaigns would be easier to create graphically than that of an overall “global” campaign.  With that said, every marketing campaign is placed into a niche market depending on the product. From a graphic stand point… It is easier to create graphics when you have a ... Read More »

NFL Graphics in Photoshop

NFL playoffs inspired art… So today after my Tim Tebow post, and watching/listening to Sports Center, I decided to try my luck at an ESPN NFL piece.  I came up with the phrase which may or may not be used by ESPN: “on the field”.  I decided to turn it into what could be a still image for ESPN’s website ... Read More »

Broncos Win Over Steelers in OT

Tebow silences analysts… Those of you who watch ESPN Sports Center know that the hype around Tebow, his religious displays, and his overall talent as a quarterback have been front and center ever since the definite fate was placed in his hands after the release of Orton.  Granted there was hype prior to this but it seems everything came crashing ... Read More »

Email Marketing with MailChimp

Oh the things you do… What MailChimp offers is an email marketing service unlike any other.  In my opinion the services offered by MailChimp, for the price, are above and beyond.  The MailChimp web interface is extremely user friendly and lends itself to easy navigation.  MailChimp also offers you relaxing and entertaining links so that you may take a break. ... Read More »

WordPress Password Protection

What’s the password… Many people have the need to password protect their website, blog, or anything else they serve to the web.  I have gone through and found the easiest plugins to manage password protecting WordPress and compiled them into a list.  I will also explain to you how to get them to work properly as well as explain the ... Read More »

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