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Create a Rails App Quickly with RailsBricks

Create a Rails App Quickly with RailsBricks


Isn’t it Repetitive?

If you have ever setup more than one Rails app from scratch you know that there are many tasks that are repetitive.  You may find yourself in the mood to do some rapid prototyping or you may simply be working on multiple apps at the same time.  At any rate, you are sitting there doing essentially the same thing for each app – installing the same gems and configuring those gems, likely the same exact way from project to project.  You may have even setup a repo for your own use that will aid you in quickly getting from the ground to the air.  If you have not or simply need more, well, there is an answer.


What is RailsBricks?  RailsBricks is an open source app generator that will allow you to get straight into the functionality of your app rather than configuration of standard params.

RailsBricks boasts:

  • User Authentication with Simple or Devise
  • Bootstrap 3 + Font Awesome
  • Environment Variables with Figaro
  • Database Seeds (seeds.rb)
  • Git and .gitignore
  • Kaminari for pagination
  • FriendlyId for better permalinking
  • PostgreSQL and Rails12Factor are included in the gemfile for hassle free deployment to Heroku

Why RailsBricks?

While there are others out there that do the same thing, the author of RailsBricks mentions that most are not kept up to date or they are merely boilerplates and do not offer the integrated functionality to make it worth using.  For instance, I created a repo for setting up a Rails app using Bootstrap 3.  However, there is little to no functionality as it merely focuses on Bootstrap 3 and other fun things like Font Awesome.

RailsBricks and Windows Users…

RailsBricks is currently not available for Windows users and there is currently no plan for a port.  There is however an alternative offered by the author and that is:  Nitrous.IO

If you wish to get started with RailsBricks or see what it has to offer go for it!  In my opinion you will not find a better one:  Get Started with RailsBricks

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