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HTML and CSS Interactive Piano

view fullscreen demo  view jsfiddle I have been sick all day and I figured I would share what I did.  It’s a Saturday and I have come down with a nasty case of the sniffles.  I started thinking about what I could share that was interactive.  I thought what if I could create a piano in just HTML and CSS. ... Read More »

Social Icon Bar (Fixed Position)

view the fiddle What it does… I created this in a fiddle and figured I would share it here.  Basically it does just what it says, it will provide ever present links to your social pages.  This is extremely easy to implement.  The only changes you will need to make to it would be the margin for the first div ... Read More »

Bootstrap Glyphicons not Displaying

Reason behind the post… I was going through stack-overflow searching for my similar problem.  I had just downloaded the new Bootstrap 3.0 framework and was building a theme.  I came to a point where I wanted to use a glyphicon and here is what I used in my code: [cce lang=”html”] Follow[/cce] Long story short, I spent at least 10-15 ... Read More »

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