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NFL Audio Pass

We all know that the NFL and Time Warner Cable seem to not get along.  Someone pulled some hair and the other threw gum.  Who gives a shit.  Basically I have switched cable companies enough in the past 2 years that I am not switching to Direct TV in order to get the NFL Sunday Ticket. I spend a lot ... Read More »

NFL Graphics in Photoshop

NFL playoffs inspired art… So today after my Tim Tebow post, and watching/listening to Sports Center, I decided to try my luck at an ESPN NFL piece.  I came up with the phrase which may or may not be used by ESPN: “on the field”.  I decided to turn it into what could be a still image for ESPN’s website ... Read More »

Broncos Win Over Steelers in OT

Tebow silences analysts… Those of you who watch ESPN Sports Center know that the hype around Tebow, his religious displays, and his overall talent as a quarterback have been front and center ever since the definite fate was placed in his hands after the release of Orton.  Granted there was hype prior to this but it seems everything came crashing ... Read More »

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