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The Year 2013

Before we dive in… Before we get to the year 2013 let’s just discuss getting there.  Now I am not a believer in prophecy.  Every now and then someone gets lucky and predicts something (or something similar) that indeed does happen sometime around the predicted time.  With that said I would like to say that many times people have predicted ... Read More »

Niche Marketing Ideas

Easy as… I have not done it professionally but I would imagine that niche marketing campaigns would be easier to create graphically than that of an overall “global” campaign.  With that said, every marketing campaign is placed into a niche market depending on the product. From a graphic stand point… It is easier to create graphics when you have a ... Read More »

Code Squirrel – Online Code Generator

Overview… Alright here it goes.  The first idea I would like to share with you is the thought of an online code generator.  You say there are about five hundred sites offering this already?  I can assure you there are at least that many, if not more.  However, my idea includes much more than just a page with a code ... Read More »

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