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Broncos Win Over Steelers in OT

Tebow silences analysts…

Those of you who watch ESPN Sports Center know that the hype around Tebow, his religious displays, and his overall talent as a quarterback have been front and center ever since the definite fate was placed in his hands after the release of Orton.  Granted there was hype prior to this but it seems everything came crashing down when Orton was sent to the Chiefs.  After the win against the Steelers this past Sunday some are still bent that the win was because of reasons other than that of Tim’s excellent performance.

Elway believes…

Elway’s statement to the press had this comment, “Pull the trigger”.  That is just what Tebow and the Broncos did against the Steelers in their match up on Sunday.  Denver won with a 29 to 23 victory over Pittsburgh in overtime when Tebow threw a TD pass to Demaryius Thomas.  Plain and simple Tebow executed plays better than that of Roethlisberger.  Post game analysis mentions the Steelers plague of injury and it is a valid point.  However, the Steelers made a comeback to tie the game in the 4th quarter.  If they were so plagued with injury that it cost them the game they would not have been able to come back.

Tebow time…

It seems that no matter what Tebow does there is always a reason for or against it, depending on whether he played well or poorly.  It is always the opposite with Tebow, he is always positive no matter what.  This attitude is what I have learned to like about him.  He is a role model.  He is someone your kids should look up to while playing little league or simply just as a human being.  He is a talented individual who is not the cookie cutter quarterback.  I feel this is what most of the “haters” have a problem with.  They do not know what to expect from him.  On top of that Tebow is not afraid to express his beliefs.  This religious display should be getting the least attention.  If he wants to kneel and pray, why not.  After all, who are we to judge someone for what they believe in.  He is a human being, he has made mistakes, he has made great plays, and most of all he should be recognized as a very talented football player and quarterback.

Closing time…

After seeing Tebow play as well as he did last night.  All of you Bronco fans should have high hopes for the playoffs.  The Broncos now face the Patriots next week.  My thoughts are this: I smile inside every time Tebow makes a great play.  I laugh hysterically when Tebow and the Broncos win, especially in this playoff season with all the negativity floating around Tebow’s head in that little plastic bag that he chooses to ignore.



  1. I completely agree with your statements. While his religion does provide a basis for his general good nature, it is his “team” mentality that I like the most. I follow sports, and it is obvious when a player is at the press conference providing the vanilla “team” answers. However, I feel it is different when Tebow talks. He truly is thankful for all of his opportunities on and off of the football field. I think some players take their career of playing football for granted, which is unfortunate. I don’t think we will ever read a headline “Tebow Shoots Self in Leg at Night Club” which is why I would want my son or daughter to look up to him as a professional athlete. Good Post, Dave.

  2. “Tebow Shoots Self in Leg at Night Club”… no we will not Brent. Your comment is a good one. I agree too many take their careers for granted.

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