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Battlefield 3 vs. Call of Duty MW3

I never thought I would see the day…

Let me just say that I never thought I would see the day when I would choose, of my own free will, not to play Call of Duty.  I have been a gamer for a very long time and have played Call of Duty since it first appeared on the original Xbox.  The multiplayer aspect of Call of Duty 2 only made me like it that much more.  It got to a point where all I was concerned about was the multiplayer aspect of the game, caring little for the campaigns which are usually amazing as well.  With the release of MW3, I have drifted and I can explain why.

It started with the hype…

MW3 was the most hyped video game of all time.  I am sure it captured record sales as well but I could really care less at this point.  Call of Duty XP was held this past summer and was a huge success.  I did not get the chance to go but I did watch the stream.  Pepsi got behind the game and was presenting double XP codes under caps and on boxes.  Kanye West performed.  This game was setup for success.  With the recent transfer and compiling of teams working on the upcoming game, this hype seemed to pacify worry warts who had doubts about the game due to all of the “turmoil” behind the scenes.  This hype had me convinced.

Call of Duty Elite…

Call of Duty Elite in my opinion is still a success.  Minus the almost two week period of down time after the games launch I still find Elite to be an awesome feature for any game.  This feature integrates the way you play, achievements, stats, and social things like friends and clans, plus more.  I still feel that more games will and should come with a presence like this in the future.  With a pro Elite membership, which I have, you can watch featured videos as well as get DL content sooner than everyone and on a month to month basis.

What went wrong…

It was said at Call of Duty XP by Robert Bowling, “Call of Duty MW3 will be the easiest Call of Duty game to just pick up and play if you have never played before.”  These words did not really mean much to me at the time but now everything makes sense.  Sense can be made out of one feature added to the game which was supposed to make the game the most well rounded Call of Duty yet – Support Streaks.

Support Streaks are like Kill Streaks only this time they role over after you die.  This means that I can get a kill, die, get another kill, die, and end up with a UAV (using hardline).  This “NOOBISH” class is just that, it’s for noobs.  However, not only does the noob get to use this streak reward, but he/she also provides this streak reward to the rest of the team.  So the players who are actually good are taking advantage of something provided by someone who knows nothing about what they are doing.  This Support Streak feature has a major role in the game’s downfall.  Call of Duty has fallen to the, “everyone is a winner mindset” and that does not sit well for a gamer like me who enjoys competition and when I lose, I know it’s because I was bested.  When I win, I know it was because I was better.  The Support Streak takes no skill.  Anyone can hop into a game and get 3 or 4 kills.  Rewarding someone for death is not a supporting feature in my book.

Is that all…

Plain and simple the Support Streak feature is not all that went wrong with MW3.  Where is the originality?  This game might as well have been called MW2.5, maybe even MW2.1.  The maps feel the same, the gameplay feels the same, and Kill Streaks are the same.  There is nothing new or exciting.  There is nothing to discover.  The competition aspect is so “well rounded” that it feels even less like an E-Sport.  The only thing I would say that is different is Call of Duty Elite.  There may also be one more thing.  The average age of people playing this game has probably dropped by three to four years.  Players who have been with the series since it started, I am sure, are not enthralled with the direction of MW3.

Give it time…

Yes, I gave it time.  I allowed time for it to grow on me.  I tried to “learn the new game”.  Even more so than that of my friends who had the game back to the store one week after release.  Well, “quickscoping” is back.  Great, I never “quickscoped” before.  However, I did try it in MW3 and will say that it is fun.  On the other hand what happened to real sniping?  MW3 maps are so closed off everything is CQC (close quarters combat).  There are no sight lines.  Everything is an alley.  If the sniper rifles were not able to “quickscope” there would be no point in having them in the game.

Battlefield 3 on PC…

I managed to get my hands on the beta of Battlefield 3 for Xbox.  It was not my favorite thing in the world.  It was glitchy and the Frostbite 2 engine was unrecognizable.  However, I decided because I was no longer going to endure the shenanigans provided by Call of Duty MW3 that I would get it for the PC.  This was the best decision I have possibly ever made as far as gaming goes.  I have never played FPS games on the computer.  With the recent Call of Duty game being a bust, in my eyes, I figured I would see what it is like.  I bought Battlefield 3 on Origin and it is absolutely amazing.  If you dont have a computer that will handle it, you should at least check out a high quality stream of it or a 720p YouTube video.  The Frostbite 2 engine is full blown and everything gets demolished by the end of the round.  The dogfights are incredible and worth every penny spent on a wired 360 controller for your PC.  The simulation style play is a great change of pace compared to the arcade style play that Call of Duty has mastered quite well.  That last comment is not a hateful one.  If you have not come to grips with the fact that Call of Duty is arcade style play yet then you need to start over, I would suggest with Atari and pong.

Let’s wrap it up…

Okay, I did not want this to turn into the bashing of Call of Duty MW3 but I had to get it off of my chest.  Battlefield 3 has my vote!  Let me say something nice.  Black Ops will always have a place in my heart as being a great Call of Duty edition.  In short it seems that Sledgehammer Games needs to step it up in a few different areas.  Those areas would be creativity, originality, and overall competitiveness.  Without those three critical aspects being overhauled, every CoD created by Sledgehammer Games will continue to be bland, repetitive, and wimpy in terms of playability and competitiveness.

That said, I am not writing off Call of Duty all together.  Treyarch has it’s turn next, we will see what is in store for the franchise.

Enjoy BF3! (or MW3)

-I realize I am just one guy with one opinion.  However, I know many share my opinion about the new edition to the franchise.




  1. Told ya so…mw3 was dook. Not saying bf3 is all that either, but either way mw3 is nothing spectacular. The fact that it got “9.0” is absolute crap. I give it a 7.0. Why so high? Well one people who never played mw2 think mw3 is the best game in the world (maybe). Two, multiplayer has the same feel and pace as mw2. Run n gun, and gun damage is crap. “I shot you first”, but you still die from hip fire. However they did a decent job with the campaign and how could you forget cod elite?! COD Elite was awesome. I couldn’t log on for 2-3 weeks to see what it was, but man it was amazing I tell you!

    Haters gon hate. MW3 is dead to me.

    • Alex,

      I do think Elite is awesome but it’s downtime due to heavy traffic for over two weeks was bogus. Agreed! I did mention that too in my write up. But the idea of Elite is what I like most. Games having a presence online like that is sweet… huh very similar to Battlefield’s online interface. That is nifty.

  2. I was kidding mw elite was trash.

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